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An unaltered rural character

Saint-François encompasses the eastern tip of the island and includes, within its boundaries, Madame Island and Ruau Island. They can be seen from the top of the observation tower, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding panorama and Cap Tourmente. The vast wild point of Saint-François welcomes a diversity of birds that come to shelter and feed. This is also where the sea meets fresh water, favoring a good diversity of fish such as sturgeon, eel and bass. Saint-François is still steeped in its agricultural past with the cultivation of potatoes, strawberries, and especially leeks.

Today, new cultures and particular breedings are renewing agricultural traditions a little. The strong presence of agriculture is a distinctive feature of Saint-François and is felt even in a village core which is less densely populated than the other villages on Île d’Orléans. We find in Saint-François, as in Sainte-Famille, a large concentration of stone houses dating from the French Regime. For all these reasons, the less populous of the island’s municipalities is no less attractive, and it is also recognized by the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec.

Municipal tourist offer

  • Tour-du-Nordet Park
  • BLUE pedestrian and artistic trail
  • Wharf and access to the coast
  • Church visit
  • Interpretive panels on the history of the village and the landscapes

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