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Constellation of Navigators

Starting points

Park at the church, at the wharf or at the Manoir Mauvide-Genest ($)

This Constellation tells stories of brave sailors, storms, peaceful cottages, happy beaches, yellow bricks and red rocks.

À propos de cette constellation

  • Lieu:  Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
  • Durée approx.:  2 hours
  • Niveau de difficulté:  Facile
  • Nombre de km:  5 km
  • Type:  Central walking loop with out and back segments

Découvrez les 12 stations

An exceptional religious built heritage

Pierre Lahoud presents the religious institutional complex preserved in its entirety in Saint-Jean: church, presbytery, house of the beadle, tithe shed and marine cemetery.
This testimony is supplemented by photos describing an event of illumination of the village core in winter, the Advent Calendar.

Memorable evenings at Orleans beach

Richard Létourneau describes the many attractions of the seaside resort that was once the very popular Plage Saint-Jean. Then France Simard tells how her family relaunched the establishment, a place that has regained its former popularity and its festive character.
An archive photo album illustrates their testimonies.

The quay as before

The wharf, as it looked in the early 1900s, is represented in digital augmented reality.
Archival photos are also available.

The ships say hello

Michel Pouliot tells an anecdote about piloting, the signal service located on the quay, the ships that called out to signal their destination, and the tradition of pilots that continue to shout while passing to greet their families.
An interactive fun activity is offered in addition to the testimony.

Vessel pilot on the St. Lawrence, from father to son

Michel Pouliot presents the life of pilots of the Saint-Laurent as lived by the Pouliot family. For five generations, it is a passion that still continues to be passed on.
An explanation on the pilot village is added to his testimony.

In love with the river

Carole Trahan tells how she settled in Saint-Jean after falling in love with the St. Lawrence River, which still fills her with joy and wisdom.
In addition, the song "A small boat" is performed by Paule Laperrière, an artist who lives on Île d'Orléans.

An authentic New France seigneurial manor

Martin Fournier explains how the location of the Mauvide-Genest manor at the water's edge facilitated the movement of the surgeon-merchant who would become prosperous enough to acquire half of the Île d’Orleans and build this stunning manor.
Vintage photos with explanation complete of his testimony.

Remarkable ancestral houses

Pierre Lahoud describes the beauty and refinement of the ancestral built heritage (19th century Canadian-style houses) that is concentrated in the village of Saint-Jean. It is a heritage strongly associated with the presence of a large number of pilots.
Photos with explanation complete of his testimony.

To be born and prosper in St. Jean

Richard Létourneau presents the professional activities he carried out all his life in Saint-Jean, first as a grocer, then as a hardware dealer, and comments on the evolution of commerce on the island over the decades.
In addition, a quiz question tests your knowledge on the subject.

Traditional agriculture in Saint-Jean

Michel Noël remembers taking charge of the land he inherited from his family of sailors at the age of 17. His story exemplifies the village motto "Shaped by land and sea".
Vintage photos illustrate his testimony.

The challenges of today’s farmers

Vincent Noel relates the recent evolution of the farming profession: the necessary expansion of farms, the multiplication of equipment, the increased commercialization, and his personal choice to practice niche agriculture: organic and agrotouristic.
Aerial photos of farming lands complete his testimony.

A layered shoreline

Olivier Rabeau gives geological explanations on the "Red Rock" formed by red and gray strata, which draws all eyes to the beach facing the Church of Saint-Jean.
A written quote of Olivier Rabeau adds to his testimony.

Starting points

Park at the church, at the wharf or at the Manoir Mauvide-Genest ($)