Savour the island’s bounty

The fertile soil of Île d’Orléans sustains a variety of crops. For centuries, the island has provided Quebec City with fresh fruit and vegetables, grain and maple products. The foodstuffs made with this bounty capture the essence of Île d’Orléans and enjoy a growing reputation for quality and authenticity. This reputation also benefits many of the island’s restaurants, whose expert chefs use these products to create gastronomical dishes that can please any palate!

Look for the Savoir-Faire île d’Orléans certification sticker on the products of participating agrifood businesses. It is your guarantee that the product in question is of the highest quality and was grown or prepared according to island know-how.

The historical borough of Île d'Orléans celebrates Québec's rural tradition with its gorgeous scenery stretching along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, only a few minutes from Québec City. Visitors are encouraged to experience the rich and vibrant culture of this island jewel, which is the birthplace of New France. Inhabited since time immemorial, Île d'Orléans has a diverse offer of first-rate attractions.